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Writing An Effective LinkedIn “About” Section

The LinkedIn About section, or summary, is often neglected by LInkedIn users, but it’s 2,000 characters of free real estate to proclaim who you are and what you can do.

Your LinkedIn About Section Matters Filling in your LInkedIn profile thoroughly is crucial for making a great first impression. It’s the first place people look and serves as a virtual business card. Finding a compelling About Section may compel visitors to scroll down and look further at your experience and education, but if they are not drawn in by your About section, they may choose to exit and look elsewhere. The most important part of your About section falls in the first 300 characters, because that’s the visible part, until visitors click “see more.”

Make a great first impression. LinkedIn is a professional platform, no doubt. But the About section lets people see your personal side, and that’s important. The About section shows visitors what you care about, in addition to what you have achieved professionally.

Gain more visibility in search results. Recruiters and potential clients will be searching for you using strong industry keywords, skills or job titles. Using some of these words and phrases throughout your About section can put you in front of more consumers and recruiters and can lead to more opportunities.

How to Create a Strong LinkedIn Profile When writing your About section, start strong, remembering that the first 300 characters are the visible ones. Use this to your advantage, and then fill in the rest as completely as possible. Three key components of your About section are: a catchy intro, elements of your personality, and keywords optimized for goals.

Know Your Opening LInes Begin with the most important thing people should know about you, and consider the following questions:

  • What sets you apart from everyone else?

  • What personal characteristics and skills help you get results?

  • Why do you love what you do?

Enrich Your Summary Recruiters look for the right combination of skills, keywords and job titles to secure the right job candidates. When you click “search appearances” on your dashboard, you can see what searches used to find your profile. If you don’t see anything there, it means your profile needs optimizing. Adding the right keywords to your About section can really make a difference and get you noticed. You can enhance your summary with keywords and details, but you should avoid creating big, thick blocks of text. Instead, sprinkle in some white space and use bulleted lists.

Outline Your Career Your About section should not read like a cover letter, and it’s not the place to just paste your bio. But, it’s the ideal spot to spotlight what makes you successful in your field. Explain why you made job transitions along the way, and take time to express your value, not only through your occupation, but also through involvement with non profits, community support, personal experience and training.

Showcase Your Accomplishments Don’t be shy here; this is the place to highlight your achievements and successes. These may include things like:

  • Achieving or surpassing company goals

  • Scholarships

  • Community awards

  • Certifications

  • Media mentions

  • Industry awards or achievements

Consider The Following Giving thoughtful consideration to the following items may help you include compelling information in your LinkedIn About section:

  • Name some of your ambitions and goals.

  • Describe your core values.

  • Outline the principles that guide your work.

  • What are you passionate about within your industry?

  • How have you changed professionally in the last five years?

  • Name some key things you have learned from your recent job experience.

  • In what positive ways do you add to the workplace culture?

Include a Call to Action When people finish reading your About summary, you can direct them to the next step by providing a call to action. It doesn’t need to be stiff and salesly. Just give your readers the next steps to take.

Conclusion Your LinkedIn About section is an often overlooked marketing tool. By inserting professionalism, personality, keywords and a call to action, you can boost your visibility in searches and breathe life into your LinkedIn profile.

Contact me today for an easy system that can help you write your LinkedIn About summary!

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