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What is Your Most Valuable Business Asset?

Of all your assets, which one is most essential for business success? Time and resources? Your marketing skills? Your energetic team? Some people consider King Solomon the wisest man of his time, and he said:

Choose a good reputation over great riches; being held in high esteem is better than silver or gold.

Your Reputation: Your Most Valuable Business Asset

You cannot buy a good reputation, but once it’s damaged, it can take time and effort to fix it. Because we live more and more of our lives online: streaming, surfing, shopping and socializing, we are creating an overwhelming digital footprint that has the potential to step out of control. Without realizing it, we make ourselves vulnerable to a stolen identity, an invasion of privacy or a ruined reputation. Reputation Management to the Rescue Award-winning identity protection company ID Shield wants to protect your good reputation, so it has expanded its line of products to offer aggressive, proactive reputation management. This crucial feature allows consumers to easily find and scan old social media accounts and delete potentially offensive content. Doing this in a timely way can prevent your personal reputation from being damaged or destroyed beyond repair.

Clean Up Your Online Platforms

IDShield enhances reputation management by helping clients clean up their old and current accounts on major platforms like Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Amazon, Pinterest and more. Id Shield can help you:

  • Discover and delete old social media profiles and accounts

  • Provide step-by-step solutions to change privacy settings or delete accounts

  • Produce an automatic review of their social media activity

  • Flag content that could be potentially damaging to their reputation

  • Delete old content in bulk on some platforms, instead of having to delete it manually

  • Create a summary and score of items which may cause a greater risk for reputation management

  • Draft a list to review and then take action steps

Wrap Up

“Every day you can read a story about someone losing a job or having a college acceptance rescinded due to an unthinking and harmful tweet or picture posted. Social media feels like an informal conversation but it’s not; it can have life shattering consequences. “Working together, we can begin to help consumers take control of their online lives, clean up their social media past, and, over time, build a reputation to be proud of.” -- Benjamin Stotts, Vice President of Product Technologies at IDShield. IDShield provides identity theft, privacy and reputation management, as well as monitoring, consulting and restoration services.

For stellar reputation management, identity and legal protection, contact Jose Luciano.

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