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How to Get Your LinkedIn Page Noticed

Since you are using LinkedIn, you already know that it is a potent professional platform. If you would like more traffic funneled into your LinkedIn page, you can take a few steps that will transform your page into a powerful marketing tool.

Professional Networking in a Nutshell

LinkedIn has improved and sharpened itself into a reliable networking, job hunting, professional headquarters and is used by 300+ million people around the world. LinkedIn has “domain authority”, which means that Google recognizes it as a top trusted place for consumers to find information. LinkedIn is a solid place to focus your efforts to gain more online visibility, and here are a few ways to do it.

Beef Up Your Profile

Google cannot index your profile if your privacy settings are high, so if you want Google (and others) to find it, change your privacy settings. Your profile is free online real estate. It’s what people first see when they land on your name-- and this is why you need to optimize your profile with your ideal clients in mind.

Ace Your LinkedIn Headline

Your headline contains 120 characters. This is the place to tell visitors what you can offer your clients. Your headline can be peppered with strategic keywords and it should display well-sharpened copy. No spelling errors, no vague witty taglines here -- just tell people what you do.

Sharpen Your LinkedIn Summary

Don’t be too salesy in your summary; just speak professionally and conversationally. You have 100 words that can answer the question: What are people looking for? Make your work summary compelling, concise and clear.

Polish Your LinkedIn Experience Section

People often use this space to list a dry work history, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Insert keywords here, showcase your work results and mention what you gained. Note any special accomplishment, leadership opportunities, awards or published articles.

Add a Quality LinkedIn Profile Photo

Optimize your images, starting with an approachable profile photo. Read up on LinkedIn's photo recommendations and try to aim for:

  • A smiling closeup

  • Professional attire

  • Simple background

Insert a Purposeful Cover Photo

The banner or cover photo that spreads over the top of your LinkedIn page should go beyond the initial blue image. Anyone can create a professional-looking cover photo on Canva. Besides images, you can insert text into this cover photo, such as your website URL or a tagline. Make the most of this background.

Write Articles

All reports indicate that Google leaves your posts unindexed, but it does catalog your published articles. So, it makes sense to write and publish keyword-rich articles that will draw people to your LinkedIn page. Use strategic keywords as you name your images, write headlines, and choose subheadings. Writing articles doesn’t have to be a headache. Make it easier by repurposing content you use elsewhere, or consider the following ideas:

  • List of helpful hints related to your profession

  • How-to guides that showcase your expertise

  • Commentary on news or research

  • Don’t forget a call-to-action at the end

Get Backlinks

Links that direct people from other sources to your LinkedIn page tell Google that you have something valuable on your page. How to get backlinks? Connect people to your LinkedIn profile via your website, blog or by writing guest posts with a link in your author bio.


LinkedIn can be a true marketing asset, if you employ a few simple steps. Move beyond the standard settings and create a compelling LinkedIn page, so you can maximize this key professional tool.

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