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11 Smart Side Hustles for 2021

I am a busy homeschooling mom, but I have always found time for a side hustle. My Etsy shop’s 1,000+ orders gave me a creative outlet, enough cash for Starbucks and, well…enough money to buy more supplies for my side hustle. Freelancing on Upwork for the past four years has led to some solid writing practice, an informal marketing education and now, a small business. Whether you are a creative, a wannabe entrepreneur, or are simply looking to make ends meet, here are some top 2021 options for small scale businesses that you can manage out of your home. This is only a scan of the top picks, so if you find one that resonates, dig deeper and find out more.

Blogging Worldwide internet use has grown by over 80% in the last nine years, and it is not slowing down. That’s why one of the prime business ideas is blogging for profit. This doesn’t necessarily mean chronicling your life in a daily online journal (but it can include that). Some bloggers outsource their content creation, hire a marketing expert and employ a social media manager, selling ads and contacting influencers to generate income. Blogs can cover any topic under the sun, but you should probably start by choosing what interests you AND what fits with the hottest niches. Here’s a sampling of how to make money with a blog. Content Creator Once the blogging business takes off, writing content might take second place to the administrative tasks of your venture. So, it’s common to hire help from a content writer — someone who can write effective, SEO-rich material that brings value and relevance to your audience. Your freelance business can be a solo operation, or it may turn into an agency, with a team of experienced writers. Writing is one of the most valuable skills needed at this time, and there are global marketplaces to bid for jobs, such as Upwork. If you are interested in starting a content agency, there is definitely work to be had. As a freelancer, I have written countless articles for websites and blogs, along with menu and product descriptions, individual or company bios and much more. Bookkeeping Entrepreneur Magazine has listed bookkeeping / accounting as the most lucrative small business for two consecutive years. Why? Because more people are leaving typical, traditional jobs to launch their own businesses. Starting a home business requires monitoring and accounting for expenses and revenue, and a bookkeeper can help these individuals keep their finances organized. Web Design Reports say that the demand for web designers keeps increasing and will continue in the next decade, making it a promising idea for a small business. Although web design is a useful skill, it is not rocket science to learn how to do it, and companies pay premium prices for the service. WebFlow is a growing alternative to the popular WordPress platform, making it a hot, uncrowded new platform for aspiring entrepreneurs. Sell On Etsy I was happy to see this high on the list, because I have been selling on Etsy for the past 10 years with positive results. My products are not cutting-edge-trendy, but there are hot niches to explore, with new ones exploding all the time. Stay-at-home moms like me favor selling on Etsy, because you can create and sell your wares with uber-flexibility. Plus, it’s fun and rewarding to connect with customers who value and buy your creations. When everyone started looking for face masks in the spring of 2020, my daughter and I couldn’t make them fast enough, and the only thing that slowed us down was a global shortage of elastic! When you keep your eye on the trends, you can almost predict profitability on Etsy. Here is a helpful guide to making money on Etsy. Niche Virtual Assistant Being a virtual assistant is nothing new, and it has been a growing trend since 2007, when Tim Ferriss published his bestseller: The Four Hour Workweek. Virtual assistants are tasked with many different projects, depending on what the hiring person requires. Check out Upwork for freelance virtual assistant positions in a variety of unique niches. Airbnb Host Airbnb hosting is one of the fastest growing small scale businesses out there, since travelers are increasingly looking to steer clear of large hotels. Setting yourself up as an Airbnb host can be one of the quickest and most profitable small-scale businesses — and you don’t need to live in a castle or exotic beachy location to make it work. If you aren’t familiar with Airbnb, you might think it creepy to invite strangers into your home, but most of the experiences on Airbnb are positive. Dog Walking Rover is one company that proves dog walking can be a lucrative business. Steps to a successful dog walking business include the following:

  • Come up with a spunky business name.

  • Get a local business license.

  • Set up a simple website (you can do this through WordPress for less than $100)

  • Order some business cards with your logo, phone number and address.

  • Advertise locally (claim your free Google My Business profile).

  • Consider purchasing insurance.

  • Find out more here.

Wedding Planner 2021 might be a big year for weddings, so becoming a wedding planner could be the perfect gig for you. However, weddings are a major life event, and usually one of the most special in any couple’s life. So, being a wedding planner doesn’t come without a little built-in pressure. It might be good to gain skills as an assistant for someone you know, because people might not want to risk you unless you have some proven experience. You can also opt to manage one specific portion of the wedding planning that you feel confident you can handle, instead of planning the entire event. Cleaning Service Cleaning doesn’t take a lot of start up cost, and can be a great option for someone just starting out. Deep cleaning can be a great option for commercial properties and may offer more profit than residences. Besides homes and offices, other things that need to be cleaned include: restaurants, vehicles, tools, laundry and equipment. Here is more information to get started with your own cleaning business. Handyperson / Repair Being a fix-it person requires a certain level of skill, and can also mandate a license or some type of certification. But for an aspiring business owner, a handyperson business can be profitable, especially because so many people are still working out of their homes. The maintenance and repair business is reported to be one of the most stable business ideas out there for withstanding an uncertain economy. Wrap Up To jump into one of these ideas, you don’t need a formal business plan, but you should spend time thinking about the option that works best for your particular situation, skills and lifestyle, as well as your current and future goals. Becoming your own boss is stretching, exciting, challenging and a little scary, but in most cases you will face uncapped income potential and the unmatched satisfaction of working for yourself.

Any other ideas?

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