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Gregory Wharton

A multi-award winning attorney, Wharton is also president of the Georgia NAACP, where he has been a key player in the fight against racial discrimination. His influence has generated true, positive change in civil rights for minorities. Wharton’s legal ability has earned him high ratings in nationwide legal directories, and on local review sites. 

A graduate of Auburn University School of Law and once the assistant attorney general for the State of Georgia, Wharton now has a busy private practice with various types of cases, often representing those who are overlooked and disempowered.  In recent years, when Georgia congressional redistricting endangered the needs and concerns of minorities and threatened to dilute their voting strength, Wharton acted like a (fierce) watchdog, supporting those who would have been “exiled into districts where their needs and concerns would be illegally and needlessly frustrated.” 

Wharton is also the national chair of an organization trying to promote justice, gender equity and increased overall equality in Africa. Wharton and others are promoting connections with African colleges and universities, seeking to enrich the education of African American students with a visit to Africa at least once during their college experience. 

Wharton was born in West Texas, and while growing up, he spent time working in the oil fields.  He values the powerful influence that his mother had on his life. Wharton’s father and grandparents were also a key part of his early character development. Wharton’s decision to pursue a career in law began as he grew up watching Martin Luther King on television. Leaders like King, Thurgood Marshall and Nelson Mandela inspired Wharton, and he says that his purpose in life is to “make the world a better place before I’m gone.” 

And he is apparently doing that. Wharton enjoys positively influencing young students entering the legal profession, and one of the best compliments ever paid to him was from a person who said, “You’re one of the best things that ever happened to poor black people because you really care about them.”

Wharton wants to be known as someone who brings all people together, regardless of racial or religious divides. He feels that there’s good in all colors, shapes and philosophies and everyone can progress by working hard and by working together. 

Wharton considers himself fortunate and blessed to do what he does. From Atlanta to Africa, he seems to be using his profession to bring clarity to important issues, serve others and promote positive changes. 

“We all need to understand that it is time to make the American example be what it can be and show when people can get together, discuss their differences and make for a good situation – we need to make that the case here and be able to export that everywhere around the world because if we don't, you know, we've reached the situation now where it can be headed in the other direction. I don't think we survive if you have people at their throats. I think it was all intended that we be brothers and sisters. What did Martin Luther King say? We'll have to learn how to live together as brothers or we will perish as fools.”

When Wharton isn’t tirelessly serving others, he enjoys spending time with his wife and family, golfing, hiking local trails and serving as a deacon at his church. 



Amanda Huber

Life coach, mentor and tutor, Amanda Huber is the supportive, caring adult that she herself needed as a teenager. As a high school special education teacher with 30+ years of experience, Amanda had established a history of positive connections with young people in the classroom. But she knew her students needed something more, because if kids struggle emotionally, everything else in their world suffers, too. 

Amanda’s effective track record as a teacher demonstrates her expertise with kids of all abilities. Facing each student as a unique individual, Amanda Huber offers extra support to teenagers who are struggling to navigate life’s ups and downs.  Successful outcomes, student feedback and relieved parents confirm that Amanda Huber is successfully helping students develop and build necessary life skills.

Even the best parents may need help as their adolescent transitions into adulthood. Amanda offers strategies that help teenagers improve communication with their families, and vice versa. Her work with teenagers and families is completely customized. Some kids need academic tutoring and help staying organized, others need to build confidence and self-esteem and some kids just need someone to talk to. Amanda has developed a built-in sense of knowing and addressing exactly how to help, and she communicates strength and hope as she guides students and assists families.  

Ultimately, Amanda Huber wants to be the type of life-changing mentor that many of us needed when we were teenagers.  

Amanda grew up in Duluth, Minnesota.  Besides being a beloved teacher and awesome listener, she is also a skilled painter, a dedicated volunteer and a lifelong learner. 

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James Karney

Known for stellar customer service and a commitment to excellence, James Karney is the founder, owner and broker of Top Hat Investments. Although he was designated one of the country’s best 100 real estate professionals, James Karney prefers to be known for the positive connections and successful outcomes he provides for his clients. Creating an atmosphere of warmth, approachability and trust is essential to James Karney, and clients have given him over 300 5-star reviews, voting for James as a top-rated favorite in the Metropolis area.  

Featured by both national networks and local publications, James Karney has been on the cutting edge of the real estate industry since 2010, and he doesn’t merely help clients buy and sell homes. As a licensed broker, James Karney sees himself as a real estate investment advisor, offering experienced advice and informing his clients about real estate trends and leveraging opportunities. Personally invested in his own real estate interests, James is also an experienced, consummate participant and speaks with extensive first-hand experience.

With clients as diverse as professional athletes to successful entrepreneurs, James gives each one his top priority. Serving as their real estate advocate, James makes their interests his primary focus and mission, and this client-centric service has made his company flourish organically. With a tireless work ethic and a vast professional network, James has closed over $300 million in local real estate transactions at a rate multiple times higher than the average agent in Metropolis. 

As outgoing and personable as he is, James Karney has few equals when it comes to a driven, competitive edge, and this has served him well throughout his career. Before he started in real estate, James Karney worked for six years as Operations Manager for International Soccer, where he managed the onsite operations for its national and international events.

After leaving this position, he started Top Hat Investments, which is now one of Metropolis’ top-rated real estate brokerages. 

James is also a Master Certified Negotiation Expert, a valuable and rare designation in Pleasant County. James supports his professional community as a member of the Metropolis Association of Realtors Grievance Committee which maintains ethics and integrity in the industry. Believing that “good is the enemy of the great,” James Karney aims for excellence on behalf of his clients, and this mindset has paid off, both personally and professionally.

When James Karney isn’t attending to his clients, he serves the community as a board member and 2024 Chairman of the Sisu Club of Metropolis, which raises money for local youth charities. James also passionately supports the Metropolis Police Foundation, an organization that provides equipment beyond what the city provides. Finally, James Karney is an advisory board member with Shoreline Bank, one of the newest and fastest-growing local banks. 


Garry Voller M.D. 

Emergency care physician and commercial pilot Dr. Garry Voller has worked in medical air transport for over fifteen years, and in 2018 he partnered with Mitch Kennedy and Steve Merma to launch Global Med Rescue. This company offers a solution for travelers who need medical transport home, or who need more advanced tactical rescue.

Board certified in emergency medicine, Dr. Garry Voller is uniquely qualified to provide medical command and direction for critical care and long distance air rescue. After completing his residency in 2001, Dr. Voller worked at Metro Health Medical Center in Rochester, Minnesota. Dr. Voller currently serves as the medical director for Global Med Rescue, Metro Air Ambulance, and Assist Aviation.

In addition to his extensive medical training and experience, Dr. Voller holds a commercial pilot’s license and a Pilot in Command type rating. Because of this, he understands the unique decision-making process that goes into medical transport. Completing a mission involves successful communication between the flight team and medical team to facilitate safe operations. As a result of Dr. Voller and his partners' commitment and leadership, Global Med Rescue is an industry leader, and an invaluable asset for its clients and members. Dr. Voller enjoys golf, fishing and flying with his family when he is not serving his valued patients.